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Imagine an ingenious technology which develops your English
in a year.

The technology is NAIX. Initiate NAIX

NAIX differs from all of the rest

Have you ever asked yourself why do you experience difficulties to talk? The biggest barrier ever is the creation and adaptation of speech content itself.

Technology NAIX prepares you to adapt Slovak ideas in such a way that shall help you with the creation of English.

Particularly this content training in practice is the means which makes NAIX different from all of the rest of language training methods.

NAIX is cunning

95 % of English clauses comprise four core elements.

Through the medium of four colors NAIX facilitates to grasp these and to create advanced clauses accordingly.

NAIX quickens vocabulary learning

It’s simple. English comprises tens of thousands terms. To grasp the basic level of English it is enough to reach approximately 2000 of them. Which are those however?

NAIX extracts the most frequent words so that it saves your time while learning.

Always honest

We think highly of you therefore we wanna sound outright. Our research has proven NAIX works efficiently in the age from 16 to 60 years just because of its unique logical nature.

It is eligible for beginners and even for intermediates. However we don’t recommend it to kids and older ones.

Accurate like agent James

Similarly to the other languages, English comprises up to 100 grammar categories. However to speak English fluently you are good to go with 20 % of them!

NAIX has exactly and ingeniously set filtration for the necessary content, by which it saves your time and energy.

NAIX’ll arm you seriously

During the creation of NAIX we were aware, that the learning of a language has to be adapted to practice.

Therefore together with basic theory of NAIX we’ll grant you of an exercise book for free. It’s very comfortable means for you to try out what you have learnt.

NAIX is comfortable
and independent

Naix is customized in such a way so everyone can understand it - even absolute beginner.

You don’t need to consult it with a lecturer or study other sources so you won’t pay extra money. Thanks to its practical size - just to your hands, you can learn wherever you wish, for instance easily at your home.

Order your NAIX now only for 49€!

At the price there is the theory of NAIX – Blitz Method and electronic exercise book NAIX – Blitz Creativity! After submitting the form we will contact you.


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